Residential Specialty Cleaning Services in Nashville, TN

HouseGlitz has been helping you keep a spotless home in preparation for family parties and gatherings as holiday dinners, movies, and birthday parties, among others, in Nashville, TN, for more than 40 years now. Our detailed house cleaning services in Nashville, TN, use eco-friendly routine and cleaning products that are perfect for residential and commercial living spaces. Our specialty cleaning services involves a specialized routine on:

  • • Kitchen appliance cleaning
  • • Wall washing and maintenance
  • • Window cleaning and washing
  • • Packing and unpacking (for people moving in or out of a place
  • • Post-construction cleaning (includes remodeled homes)
  • • Cabinet cleaning
  • • Cleaning for seniors and young (or members of the household with sensitive health issues)

We’ll take specialty cleaning off your hands so you can better focus on more important things.

Are you organizing a birthday party? Or a movie time for the family? Special occasions like this one require extensive household cleaning before and after the event. We at HouseGlitz understand the burden that it may do to you. That’s why we’re here to put the joy back in those parties for you. Our specialty cleaning services can help you clean your kitchen appliance, wash the windows and glass covers of photo frames, pack and unpack party props, organize and prepare the place for the party, clean the interior of cabinets and wash the wall, among others. Regardless of the specialty cleaning services you need, our cleaning maid services in Nashville are here to help you with home cleaning. Our team of experts is experienced in the craft of specialty cleaning. It will help you keep your house spotless before and after your event.


Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Before and after a party, the appliances most people try to avoid cleaning are the interior of the fridge and the oven. These appliances could college food and liquid spills inside and need to be maintained because these are the two most essential appliances in the household where we cook and store food.

HouseGlitz specialty home cleaning services will help you remove the following from your fridge:

  • *Pesky odors
  • *Dirt and duct that college on the crevices of the doors and the corners
  • *Food stains and rust
  • *Moldy and hardened residue and food particles
  • *Grime

From your oven, our cleaning service will do the following:

  • *Wash the inside of the oven and make sure that it’s spotless and streak-free
  • *Remove, wash and clean the racks individually and restore them to their pristine condition
  • *Wash and polish the oven window
  • *Wash the outside of the oven and the inside of the door

Packing and Unpacking Services

One of the unique services we offer at HouseGlitz in Nashville, TN, is our packing and unpacking services.

Moving in or out of place is a tedious task, and we understand that there are many things that one needs to do before and after the process. On top of that, a person moving would need help with cleaning the place, too. At HouseGlitz, we understand this and offer more than house cleaning services in Nashville, TN. We’re here to help rid you of the cleaning and the packing and unpacking so you can focus more on essential aspects of moving.

Worry not–our 40 years of experience in cleaning services, spotless, gives a worry-free guarantee. We have been keeping our reputation clean for more than four decades now, and there’s no way we’re going to ruin that. Our team of home cleaning service experts in Nashville, TN, are insured, trained, and bonded, so our clients need not worry.


    Wall cleaning services

    Most people think of mopping and dusting when it comes to home cleaning. The thing is, the true mark of a clean home is clean walls. Most people think of clean walls in painting or repainting because cleaning the walls is a lot more challenging than other parts of the house. 

    HouseGlitz home cleaning service in Nashville offers a cheaper alternative to repainting and a more effective way of keeping your home clean–a wall washing service.

    We recommend the following walls be washed:

    • *Kitchen walls
    • *Behind wall mounts (like TVs)
    • *Bathroom walls
    • *High-traffic areas


    We offer the best cleaning and wall washing service in the Nashville area. Give us a call for a free estimate.


      Post-construction cleaning services

      Have you just had a remodel, or is a reconstruction done at home? Are you moving into a newly constructed one?
      Moving in post-construction or remodeling is a stressful and tiresome experience. Your living space is cluttered and filled with dust, debris, and dirt. Although we have no doubt you can do this, it will take a lot of time and energy. We want to help.
      HouseGlits highly recommend its post-construction services for you. Our Home cleaning service experts in Nashville can help you clean and clear the clutter, organize and decorate and reveal the beauty of your newly constructed or remodeled home.

      Our post-construction/remodeling home cleaning services include removing scuff marks, dirt, and surface dust, cleaning appliances and fixtures, sanitizing doorframes, trim, and baseboards, scrubbing brick and tiles vacuuming upholstery, and cleaning the insides of your closets, drawers, and cabinets.

        HouseGlitz cleaning service is the #1 most trusted home cleaning company in Nashville for 40 years

        Inviting a cleaning company, a stranger at that, inside your home is one of the scariest things you can decide on.

        For the past four decades, our company has belabored to earn the trust and confidence of our clients in Nashville, TN, by providing quality service, protecting our clients’ security and interest, and keeping a high customer satisfaction rating. Our team of home cleaning professionals is also insured and bonded to ensure our clients that we have their security and interest at our priority. We have also ensured that our cleaning professionals are sufficiently and adequately trained to handle your home and your property with the utmost concern and care that it deserves. We have been in the business for 40 years, and we like to keep going–earning the trust and confidence of our clients for the years ahead.

        To request free estimates, call us at

        Experience a detailed home cleaning service that you can both see and feel.

        Although you don’t need to perform detailed cleaning frequently whenever you maintain your home, you must schedule a detailed and thorough cleaning once in a while. It takes a lot of time and effort–we know. We also understand that detailed cleaning is difficult to do for most people. That’s why we are here with our home cleaning service. With HouseGlitz, you are assured that your home is kept clean and free from pathogens with our detailed and thorough cleaning.

        Our residential specialty cleaning service comes with a detailed cleaning service that involves

        • wiping of doors, doorknobs, handles, switch plats and door frames,
        • Vacuuming and grooming of carpet,
        • Dusting and wet-wiping of furniture and items on it (e.g., lampshades, picture frames)
        • scrub and dry toilets and showers, and
        • clean mirrors and glass surfaces.

        At HouseGlitz, we believe that a cluttered and unclean living space is not a happy one. We like to help our clients by keeping the cleaning out of their hands and providing a clean living space that they can both see and feel to focus on other essential things inside their homes. We believe that a clean and organized living space makes everyone living in it happy and contented.

        We’re here to give you your time back.

        With our residential specialty cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about spending additional time keeping your home and use your time on the things that matter. Our team of deep cleaning specialists and professional home cleaners can do all specialty cleaning for you.

        In the kitchen, we can help keep your space and appliance clean and tidy. We are masters of keeping your fridge and ovens clean and fresh in no time. We fear no food stains, mold, hardened food, rust, and grime–name it, we have a routine and a cleaning solution for each of them.

        If your living space requires a strict standard of cleaning, especially if there are elderly or people with sensitive health around, we could provide deep cleaning services guaranteed to remove 99% of dust, pathogens, allergens, and particles in the air and the entire living space.

        We also excel in maintaining windows, post-construction cleaning, wall washing, and property rental cleaning.

        Give us a call, and we’ll give you a free estimate.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        We're planning on having our home remodeled this week, and we're looking for a company to help us move things out. Can you help us?

        Our residential specialty cleaning services have two features that might help you out. We offer packing and unpacking services and post-construction cleaning. We can assist you with packing your things to transfer to a temporary place. After the remodeling, we can help with our specialty post-construction cleaning. This will involve cleaning all the clutter and debris left after the remodeling. We can help unpack and organize things and prepare a smoother move into your remodeled home. This may sound complicated to you now, but HouseGlitz is well equipped and experienced to handle stuff like this. We can now look forward to you moving back into your remodeled house with a smile on your face. Leave the rest of the process to us.

        We're going to have a birthday party at home, and I don't know where to start with preparing the place. How much will it cost me if I enlist your residential specialty cleaning services?

        We need to look at your place and consider many things for us to provide you with an accurate quote. Don’t worry, though. We can provide you with a free estimate if you could give us a call. We have the most competitive price in the Nashville area. We can help you prepare your home for your event without having to worry much about the cost.

        We have an old property that we'd like to place for rent. However, it was never maintained for years. Could you help us with it?

        Yes, sure. HouseGlitz specializes in property rental cleaning. This will include wall and window washing, detailed and thorough cleaning, and, if you wish to have some things inside the property, we can help unpack and organize them, too. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a free estimate.
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