Move-In and Out Services, Nashville, TN

HouseGlitz delivers cleaning services that you can both see and feel.

Moving in and out of a living space can be overwhelming. HouseGlitz offers Moving in/out services which assisted many clients for the past 40 years and removed the stress of packing the things in and out and tidying. We also offer thorough and complete cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure that the new living place is tidy, clean, and free from pathogens. Our Move-in/Move-out and house cleaning services in Nashville, TN, are designed to free you from the stresses of the process so you can dedicate your time and focus on an essential thing: your brand new home.

HouseGlitz has a team of trained house cleaning professionals equipped with excellent deep cleaning skills that will leave no nook or cranny of your new home uncleaned. With our advanced tools, processes, and house cleaning routine, we will make sure that your new living space is prepared for your moving in.

HouseGlitz Moving In/Out Services cleans, organizes, and restores any apartment or home into a livable and enjoyable living space

If you are a renter/tenant who wishes to leave a living space and get your security deposit back or someone who wants to occupy a new area, HouseGlitz is here to assist you in your moving in or out.

Our cleaning services go beyond the usual dusting and vacuuming. We like to make sure that we do deep cleaning every time to get all dirt, grime, dust, and pathogens out of your living space. We can help clean your kitchen, appliances, glass fixtures, bathroom, or any area in your house which may have some nasty smell. We do the deep cleaning work while you focus on moving.

✓ Deep cleaning of High-Touch Surfaces.

These surfaces include light switches, hand railings, doorknobs, countertops, appliance handles and knobs, toilet handles and seats, and tabletops. HouseGlitz home cleaning team members are equipped with special tools and materials and are trained with a proprietary HouseGlitz cleaning routine to ensure that these high-touch surfaces are free from pathogens.

✓ Advanced and special tools and solutions

HouseGlitz uses unique solutions designed to deep clean the surfaces, kill pathogens, and provide a long-lasting anti-microbial property to help keep it pathogen-free for up to 24 hours. We also offer a scheduled/recurring house maintenance for an added assurance that the high touch surface in your house, as well as the rest of the parts of your home, are kept clean and free from all forms of pathogen.


✓ Affordable price

We offer our cleaning in Nashville, TN, with the lowest price in the market. Over the years, HouseGlitz has earned a lot of positive feedback from our clients. We like to maintain such a reputation and focus on providing excellent cleaning and disinfection services at the lowest price possible in Nashville, TN, as a way of expressing our commitment to our clients in the area.

✓ Convenient for landlords and tenants

If you are a tenant who wishes to recover your security deposit or a landlord who wants to attract a new tenant to a living space, then HouseGlitz cleaning service is for you. Our cleaning service applies to any living space. We clean every nook and cranny to eliminate dust, dirt, grime, unpleasant smell, and pathogens. Any living space HouseGlitz clean is rid of any trace of previous occupants as well. For a typical space, a move-out cleaning service can last for a little more than two hours.


✓ Experienced and trusted by many in house cleaning

One crucial component of a house cleaning service provider is the length of its existence in the industry. HouseGlitz has been around for the past 40 years–proof that we mean business. We have made countless improvements in our routine and how we deliver our move-out cleaning service. We have also improved our selection and hiring process for members of our cleaning team, making sure that they are experienced and passionate professional cleaners who are licensed and certified to work in Nashville, TN.

✓ A team of trained, experienced, licensed professional cleaners

We make sure that each cleaning team member is a licensed and certified cleaning service professionals in Nashville, TN. In addition, we provide many training hours before we enjoin them to an actual cleaning team to ensure our provision of high-quality service to our clients. We only want the best; thus, we hire the best professional cleaners and train them further to be better in their craft.

Four decades of providing unparalleled cleaning service in Nashville, TN

For over 40 years, we have provided cleaning services to Nashville, TN–and, in the process, become the best cleaning company in the area. Although we are known to be a cleaning company offering house cleaning services, we also clean and assist in moving in and out of any space. We do commercial cleaning and office cleaning and provide maid services. Our move-out cleaning service is ideal, too, for transfer of office or any business establishment. Our length of experience affords us the title of one of the best cleaning companies in Nashville, TN.

Our cleaning service professionals are trained and equipped to render any space clean and pleasant after the process. They are prepared for cleaning baseboards, window sills, glass fixtures, and any reachable surfaces. For moving into a finished new home project, our home and commercial cleaning service professionals can remove debris from construction, dried out cement, and wash the walls, among many others, to prepare the space for your move-in.

For professional move-out cleaning service and others, you can ask us few questions or request a free estimate to compare quotes.

Advanced and Proprietary Cleaning Solutions

For our move-out cleaning service in Nashville, we made sure that we have partnered with Clorox and came up with solutions and disinfection techniques unique to HouseGlitz. Our system guarantees up to 80% reduction in the chances of having a cold or flu and up to 65% reduction in contamination from surfaces. With our proprietary cleaning solutions, 99.9% of bacteria are killed in less than 5 seconds and are tested and proven to kill 40 other microorganisms, including Coronavirus, Norovirus, cold and flu viruses, and MRSA in less than 3 minutes after application.

In addition, our solution is proven to provide up to 72 hours of protection after its application. The cleaned and disinfected surface remains pathogen-free for the next three days after its initial application. Because we use sprayers to deliver the solution, our proprietary disinfection solution could even reach hard-to-reach places.

Trained and Experienced Cleaning Professionals

Our team of trained and experienced home and commercial cleaning professionals delivers perfect home and commercial cleaning and disinfection services every time. They are masters of the HouseGlitz cleaning routine adept at identifying high-touch and critical areas and providing a holistically clean and disinfected area. Our solution features an electrostatic disinfection process that offers a shield that protects and keeps the site free from pathogens. Each cleaner is equipped with a low-pressure sprayer with our proprietary cleaning solution. Our team guarantees up to 100% coverage fit for extensive facilities such as schools and buildings. Our unique deployment system ensures that we clean and cover up to 20000 sq. ft. per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to move in and have the new space cleaned. What are your rates?

As much as we’d like to provide you a standard list of rates, we cannot because our pricing is individualized. If there is one thing, our more than 40 years of experience have taught us, each home is unique. We compute our price based on many factors, including space, clutter, materials such as hair, and the owner’s lifestyle. Simply contact HouseGlitz now, and we will provide you a free estimate.

How many people will be in my place for cleaning?

The number of cleaning service team members depends on the size and the cleaning/disinfecting needs. We could send one or two or a team of three in your place. Our goal is to provide the perfect number of members to ensure an ideal job outcome. During our initial estimate and discussion, we will give you the number of people in your home. You will be informed ahead of the number of members of the cleaning team. We value your trust in giving us access to the privacy of your home. Our goal is to repay that trust with high-quality service that you can be confident in.

What if I enlist recurring cleaning and disinfection services? Does that mean you will send the same people or team to my house regularly, or will it be different people and groups each time?

For our maid cleaning service, we’d like to send the same team to do the home cleaning and disinfecting each time. However, sometimes, there will be changes to the person or group assigned to your place. If there is such a change, we see to it that our clients are informed beforehand. We do this to protect the interest and security of our clients, too.

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