House Cleaning Services in Nashville, TN

HouseGlitz cleaning service has been providing quality house cleaning and disinfecting services for over 40 years in Nashville, TN. Although we started our business line on house cleaning, our services are not just limited to houses. Our team of house cleaning professionals can clean every living space that needs a meticulous and thorough cleaning. At HouseGlitz, we deliver cleaning services that our clients could both see and feel. We make sure that a living space is free from the dirt that we see and the pathogens that we do not.

Get detailed house cleaning services that you can both see and feel.


We provide a detailed cleaning procedure for your entire house. In addition, we also have a separate cleaning routine for the type of room you have at home.

HouseGlitz cleaning routine involves:

  • Wet-wiping doors, knobs, frames and light switches,
  • Vacuuming, edging, and grooming carpet,
  • Wet-wiping ceiling fans, hanging light hardware and vents,
  • Dusting and wet-wiping furniture, items on furniture and lampshades,
  • Vacuuming drapes and valances,
  • Vacuuming and mopping/washing floors,
  • Scrubbing and drying bathrooms, dry sinks and showers,
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of comfort rooms, and
  • Cleaning glass surfaces like mirrors and glass in picture frames.

Most people think of home cleaning as merely cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. We, at HouseGlitz, believe that a lot could be done in your home. With our routine, we make sure that our house cleaning service completely cleans the house of all dust and dirt and rid the pathogens, too. In effect, we believe that this will create a happy and safe home.

Affordable Apartment Cleaning Service within your immediate reach


HouseGlitz is not just for cleaning houses. We understand that all living space deserves the attention and thorough cleaning that we provide. Our goal is to provide every living space that we touch with a cleaning service that our clients can both see and feel.
At HouseGlitz, we offer programs designed for living spaces smaller than homes as apartments and condominiums. We provide free visits and estimates–plus, our customized and affordable pricing makes sure that you can afford an apartment or condominium cleaning every time. Book a one-time service now to see for yourself or a recurring one. We offer weekly and bi-weekly services for apartments and condominiums. We also offer big discounts for first-time clients. What are you waiting for, then? Register to HouseGlitz cleaning services now.

We provide big home cleaning services to small spaces


Contrary to what people think, a small space such that of apartments and condominiums doesn’t equate to an easy clean. Often, critical places–those that are hard to reach because of tight spaces–are the most neglected and could harbor dust, particles, and pathogens that might render the entire living space unhealthy and unsafe to live with.
HouseGlitz’s seasoned house cleaning professions know exactly where to look and what to do to remove all dirt and pathogens from every nook and cranny of your living space. Our home cleaning services come with a quality guarantee–get the house cleaning you expect us to give you or you get your money back. This has kept us the best cleaning service provider in Nashville, TN, for the past 40 years.

Feel safe this holiday with HouseGlitz’s
holiday cleaning services

Take advantage of HouseGlitz maid service and get your home or your apartment cleaned whenever you want or on a regular schedule of your choice.

Our Holiday House Cleaning Services guarantee that you can enjoy the celebration of the holiday with your friends without worrying about cleaning before and after the event. Our team of professionals will surely deliver an unparalleled cleaning of your space, top-to-bottom, just in time for your planned holiday event.

At HouseGlitz, we like to simplify life for you with our professional house cleaning services so that you can get the most out of the holiday celebration without worrying much about the cleaning that happens before and after. With our professional house cleaners adept at deep cleaning, you don’t have to worry about pathogens that might be brought inside your home by your visitors. Our unique blend of proprietary cleaning supplies ensures that the surface we clean stays pathogen-free for up to 72 hours after the solution has been applied. No other house cleaning companies in Nashville, TN, provide as robust a cleaning and disinfecting process as HouseGlitz.

Organizational experts to free your home of all forms of clutter


Clutter can impact one’s ability to take full rest and recharge for the next day. Also, a cluttered space can be very demotivating to clean and fix as the mere sight of it can tire one’s mind already.
HouseGlitz is here to assist you by removing the pesky process of decluttering off your hands. Our professional team of house cleaners is trained to sort out all forms of clutter in all types of space — from messy bathroom cabinets, cluttered kitchen cupboards to organizing the entire house. You are assured to get the following services:

Thorough cleaning before organizing

Helping you decide on what to do with old things

Help label your things so that organizing becomes easier for you in the future 

Create a streamlined and aesthetic space 

Help you let go of things you don’t need by finding reputable recycling and donation services for you.

HouseGlitz Housekeeping and Maid Services


Having trouble keeping your living space neat and tidy? Probably you don’t have the time to spare to keep your living space as clean and orderly as you want it to be because of your work and busy schedule? You probably don’t want to use up your spare time during the weekend scrubbing, dusting, and polishing, too?
At HouseGlitz, we believe that people who work hard in life should be treated with the gift of time once in a while. Thus, we provide reliable maid service in Nashville, TN, to save you the struggle of keeping a home. Our professional maid cleaning Nashville is trained for commercial cleaning and will ensure that your living space is thoroughly cleaned in no time.
Worry not as we prioritize our clients’ security, too. At HouseGlitz, we treat your home, personal belongings, and keys with utmost respect and attention. Your decision to invite our house cleaners in Nashville, TN, inside your home will be one of the most secure decisions you can have. We have maintained our reputation and our name for over 40 years in the service and we are decided to keep it at that for years to come.

House cleaners for green cleaning


Although we detest dust and pathogens a lot, we don’t just eliminate them without regard for safety. Most cleaning agents nowadays are so powerful that they can also harm people who breathe in their vapors after cleaning. Thus, at HouseGlitz, we have invested in researching powerful but green and safe cleaning products to be used in the living spaces we clean. Our chemists did an amazing job in preparing solutions that are tough on dust, dirt, and pathogens but are safe for humans. Our team of home cleaning professionals will be sure to deliver the thorough cleaning you can both see and feel and be assured of the safety of our service like no other cleaning services can provide in Nashville, TN.

Free yourself up and leave the housekeeping to us

It’s time that you finally live to enjoy life and reap the fruits of your labor. Remove house cleaning chore off your list and leave them to professional cleaning services as HouseGlitz. Our cleaning team is not only an expert in deep clean processes to rid your home of dirt and pathogens, but they are also trained and chosen well to uphold the ideals of the company. Thus, we provide commercial services that are consistent, customizable, and thorough.

Our home and apartment cleaning services can be availed of in a weekly, bi-weekly, every other week, monthly or bi-monthly arrangement. You can even choose a customized arrangement. You can have a free estimate anytime or inquire about our affordable fixed pricing. We offer home and apartment cleaning in the Nashville area.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to enlist your maid services but I’m reluctant as to the security of my home. What guarantee can I have?

HouseGlitz have been in the business for 40 years and we like to keep and maintain our reputation with our clients in Nashville, TN, by providing the same quality service with the utmost regard for security to every client we have in the area. We can provide you with regular cleaners that we can vouch for and should there be changes, we will be sure to inform you ahead of time.

How much does cleaning my apartment cost?

Although we offer fixed pricing for recurring services, we’d like to give our clients the best value for the bucks by providing a tailored quote which is computed based on a lot of factors–one of which is the size of the living space. For more accurate pricing, you may contact us anytime for a free estimate.

I’ll be transferring to a new apartment and I need the place cleaned first. Also, I need some help with organizing my things--are these covered by your services?

Yes. Apart from providing cleaning services, we also provide organizational services to help our clients especially those who are moving to a new space. Please contact us and we will provide you with a free estimate.
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