#1 House Cleaning Company in Nashville, TN

HouseGlitz is the #1 provider of house cleaning services in Nashville, TN, for over 40 years now and with over 100 teams of house cleaners.

We provide services such as house and apartment cleaning, detailed cleaning, enhanced disinfection services, organization services, and specialty cleaning. All of our cleaning services include a deep cleaning routine and processes to make sure that every living space gets the cleaning that can both be seen and felt by our clients.
Our service can be availed of as a one-time service or a recurring one via our maid services. For recurring house cleaning, we provide house cleaners that are insured and bonded to protect your security and that of your home and your property. Our house cleaning team in Nashville, TN, are fully trained to provide the highest standard of service that our company has been providing our clients for more than four decades now.
Aside from providing our clients with the cleanest and healthiest living space, we also provide our service with utmost care for their safety. Thus, all of our products are carefully formulated to give us the cleaning and disinfecting we need to achieve our best clean but are also eco-friendly to protect the environment and the family of our clients. With our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and routine, we guarantee that your living space is free from dust, dirt, pathogens, and allergens and is safe from harmful chemicals.

Let us do the cleaning for you

We offer a one-time house cleaning service or a recurring one at a specified schedule or interval. It could be once, twice, or thrice a week or a monthly recurring service like once, twice, or thrice a month. All you need to do is to give us a call and we will arrange the best schedule for you.

Experience detailed cleaning

We pride ourselves on our unique cleaning routine that allows our house cleaners to thoroughly and deeply clean every living space we encounter. Our house cleaning is the best in Nashville, TN, and we like to keep our reputation past our 40th-year mark.

Specialty cleaning at your fingertips

If you need some special cleaning service, we’re here to help you out. We are among the few house cleaning companies in Nashville, TN, that offer specialty cleaning service such as cleaning your kitchen space, moving in/out/post-construction cleaning, organization services, etc.,

Eco-friendly routine and cleaning solutions

We are allies of nature and believe that the best way to provide our house cleaning service is through a routine and solutions that do not harm the environment. We believe that our eco-friendly approach in providing our cleaning service also protects the people in the living space we clean and disinfect.

Why choose HouseGlitz?


Going home after a day of work should be a thing to look forward to–not avoid. If you constantly wish of having some spare time each day or doing mental notes of reserving some time in the future to do some household cleaning, then probably you need help. HouseGlitz wants you to look forward to going home each time with the image of a tidy, clean, and enjoyable living space. We believe that you deserve to spend your time relaxing and enjoying after work and spending it with yourself and your family.
Ours is more than just simple cleaning. With more than four decades in the business, we can handle everything that your living space needs from top to bottom
We also like to keep our clients updated.. Your home and living space is your greatest achievement. That’s why we understand the need to protect it to serve you better. Thus, we have developed software that we share with our clients who elect a recurring service to keep them updated on the mobility of our dispatched cleaning team. It updates our clients of the name/s and profile of the house cleaning professional or team, the schedule of their cleaning including the time and notifies our clients in advance if there are some changes. Additionally, the system:

  • Sends service appointment reminders
  • It updates clients on the arrival of the house cleaners
  • It provides information on the house cleaners such as their name and profile
  • Collects client feedback

Lastly, HouseGlitz is among the longest-running house cleaning services in Nashville with over 40 years of dedicated service to our clients in the area. With the length of our stay in service and our spotless reputation over the years, you are assured of the quality of our work and our dedication to clientele satisfaction and security.

The #1 House Cleaning Team in Nashville, TN You can Trust


At HouseGlitz, we understand that the greatest asset we have, those responsible for keeping us in the cleaning service business for 4 decades now are the very people who are have direct contact with our clients-our house cleaners. For this, we conduct a thorough background investigation of all our applicants. They are also screened very well making sure that we only select members of our team who are trustworthy individuals who can commit to years of providing quality house cleaning service to our clients in Nashville, TN.

In addition, we also subject our house cleaners to extensive training. We make sure that the house cleaning professional we send to your homes has hours and hours of comprehensive house cleaning training. People who quality and aware able to complete this training are the only ones who become new members of our certified to provide cleaning services under the banner of HouseGlitz.

At HouseGlitz, we take our cleaning and your security
as our utmost Interest and duty.

HouseGlitz deliver more
than you expect


No two living spaces are completely identical. That’s the reason our cleaning services in HouseGlitz are never the same. We like to cater and personalize our provision of house cleaning service in our Nashville, TN clients.

At HouseGlitz, we have expert and trained representatives who will walk you through the process of finding a cleaning service arrangement that is fit for your budget and your lifestyle. This consultation and the quote we provide are free of charge.

In addition to the free estimate and fully personalized and customized house cleaning arrangments we provide, we also offer the following:

  • Worry-free guarantee
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured house cleaning professionals
  • Specialized cleaning products that you can only get from HouseGlitz Advanced technology
  • Foll-proof cleaning routine
  • 40 years of unmatched quality house cleaning services in Nashville, TN.

Your satisfaction is our priority


HouseGlitz is dedicated to providing you quality service in and out of your living space. We make sure that every transaction that we conduct is fully taken care of by our staff so as to minimize the hassle on your part.
All paper works and management details are handled by our office staff for your convenience. In addition, all taxes, local, state, federal and social security, of our house cleaning team and members are, including the paperwork associated with them, are fully covered by the office. We like to keep our clients satisfied.
In addition, should an untoward incident happen, HouseGlitz will facilitate all necessary action to protect your interest. We have provided the best house cleaning service in Nashville, TN for more than 4 decades now and we like to keep the same for the foreseeable future.

Take back your time and life with HouseGlitz house cleaning services


At HouseGlitz, we do more than just house cleaning–we dedicate ourselves to giving back to our clients the time and the life they so deserve to enjoy. With our house cleaning service tested by our 40 years of existence, our clients are assured of quality, thorough, and trusted house cleaning in Nashville, TN.

HouseGlitz house cleaning services cover every inch of your living space. We freshen us your toilet and bathroom, enliven your kitchen and create a lively atmosphere for your bedroom and your entire living space. We’ll get the peskiest of dirt, dust, and pathogens and keep your home sparkling clean and free of dangerous microorganisms. We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe and happy living space.

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