7 Top Cleaning Agents To Get Rid of Carpet Odor, Plus Tips on Preventing It

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Does your carpet smell disgusting? Have you tried vacuuming it regularly, but the musty smell still stays? Well, typical vacuuming might not be enough. The pungent smell may be caused by more than just dust and dirt. It comes from spills, humidity, and microorganisms. Yikes! Read below for more good info about how to eliminate uncanny odors from your carpet from HouseGlitz, the best provider of house cleaning in Nashville.

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A clean carpet is essential for every household or workplace. However, regular cleaning through a simple vacuum may not be enough in most instances, especially in areas with high foot traffic. The result is a recurring musty odor, which may seem harmless at first, but can be annoying and a health hazard later.

Cleaning Agents That Help Eliminate Unwanted Odor From Your Carpet

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  • Vinegar

One of the most typical culprits of the musty odor in carpets is mildew. Did you know that the vinegar sitting in your kitchen cabinet is the best solution to eliminate it? Yes. Vinegar is a cost-effective and very effective way to solve this problem.


All you need is a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle mixed with two cups of warm water. Shake the solution well. Then, spray it on the whole carpet and leave it to air dry. As the mixture dries up, the acid from the vinegar will neutralize the mildew, removing the scent along the process. 


Adding baking soda to the mixture will boost its effectiveness, which might be necessary for extreme mildew cases. However, keep in mind not to soak the carpet too much. Doing so might do more harm as the drying time lengthened, allowing more moisture to build up. 

  • Baking Soda

Another kitchen staple that can help eliminate the disgusting odor from your carpet is baking soda. It is best for removing mild to moderate smells, but you might resort to another cleaning agent with strong ones.


Sprinkling a generous amount of powder on your carpet can help absorb spills and eliminate odor. Let the baking soda work its way for an hour or two, but for optimal results, you might want to leave it on your carpet overnight. Then, you may use your trusty vacuum cleaner to get off the baking soda powder from your carpet.

  • Baking Soda Plus Essential Oils

Have you tried baking soda but prefer a better outcome? Try including your favorite essential oil in the mixture. 


Essential oils are pure extracted liquids from plants, mostly from medicinal herbs and fragrant flowers. The scent from the concentrate is powerful, making it an excellent addition to the baking soda in deodorizing your carpet. 


Select your favorite essential oil. Mix fifteen drops to two cups of baking soda in a container. Mix it well. Then, sprinkle a generous amount on your carpet. While you may leave the scented powder for several hours only, you might choose to leave it overnight for best results. To clean up the baking soda powder, use your vacuum cleaner.


Bonus Tip!

Essential oils are generally harmless to most humans and animals. However, some scents might be unbearable to specific pets or relatives/ office mates with allergies. 


For example, strong scents like peppermint, cinnamon, and citrus can trigger allergic rhinitis and be unpleasant or even toxic for cats and dogs. To be on the safe side, choose lavender or lemon. These scents are known to offer a fresher vibe to your carpets.

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  • Baking Soda and Dried Herbs

Besides adding essential oils to the baking soda powder, you can also mix a teaspoon of your best-dried herbs. It helps hasten the odor removing the power of the baking soda. Cinnamon, lavender, and rosemary are popular herbs used for house cleaning in Nashville. Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend much on getting specific herbs. You might want to check whatever you have in your pantry and use it instead. 


Once you have prepared the mixture, sprinkle it onto your whole carpet evenly. It will allow better results, lessening the risk of wasting materials. As above, let it sit for about an hour or two, but for best outcomes, leave it overnight. Then, vacuum the mixture thoroughly.

  • Enzyme Cleaning Agent

Pet excretions, including cat and dog urine, can result in a sour, pungent smell in your carpet, sometimes seemingly impossible to remove. Leaving your carpet in such a condition might cause irreparable carpet damage.


Using an enzyme cleaning agent is a great way to get rid of pet excretions. You may easily purchase one from any grocery or home improvement store. Alternatively, you may order from online sites such as Home Depot or Amazon.


An enzyme cleaner works by speeding up the bacterial feeding process on organic matters like urine, vomit, blood, or feces. Still, ensure to read the label on the proper usage of this product for optimal results and the user’s safety.

  • Vodka

Did you know that your favorite cosmopolitan cocktail ingredient can help eliminate your carpet odor and stain? Yes! After a spray of vodka, the color stain and odor on your carpet can go away in no time. 


Fifteen minutes after spraying vodka to your carpet, blot the portions out with paper towels for better drying. You may also sprinkle baking soda, if necessary. Lastly, vacuuming the carpet would help get all the moisture and powder out.

  • Carpet Shampoo

Last but not least, you can still rely on using commercially available carpet shampoo to eliminate unwanted carpet odor. However, be prepared as using it takes time and a lot of effort.


You can purchase carpet shampoo as you shop for other materials for house cleaning in Nashville. Otherwise, you can also try to order in advance from any online store you prefer. 


Choose a carpet shampoo that has deodorizing features instead of the usual stain removal alone types. You may also find a product that helps lower the risk of mildew and mold.


Follow the steps on the carpet shampoo label. And, ensure to test it first in an inconspicuous carpet area before applying it to the entire carpet.


3 Tips To Prevent Unwanted Carpet Odor

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Carpets are like sponges. They can quickly absorb any spill, dirt, or dust on it. Leaving it unattended for days or weeks lets the dirt accumulate moisture, allowing molds or mildew to settle in. The result is a musty carpet smell, which no one likes.


Now, how do you prevent such occurrences? Here are three tips on how to avoid unwanted carpet odor:


Clean Spills, Dirt, and Dust ASAP!

Yes, you read that right – as soon as possible. Why? Leaving out any spills, stains, and dirt can lead to irreparable carpet damage, plus a pungent smell that anyone could notice.


If you have pets and children, spills might be every day. Clean them out immediately, preventing any liquid from seeping into the carpet’s underpads.


Regular Cleaning is a MUST

When we say cleaning, it is not keeping your carpet alone tidy. We recommend keeping your home or work area as clean as possible. Putting liquid bottles, especially sauces and juices, away from your carpet might prevent accidental spills. Also, try vacuuming your carpet every week to eliminate dust and dirt accumulation. 


Foster Good Area Ventilation

Allowing good room ventilation prevents mold and mildew infestation as it lessens moisture accumulation on your carpet. Open your window regularly, letting the fresh air in. Opening two windows or doors across each other would allow better ventilation as it fosters a cross-wind effect, allowing a cool breeze in your room.


Takeaway Thought

Disgusting musty carpet odor can be quite a nuisance, not just for you but for your family, friends, and co-workers. Fortunately, HouseGlitz has gathered several ways to rid of such unwanted stench. 


Look and try our recommended cleaning agents above. While all are effective, our go-to product is baking soda because it is economical, non-toxic, and of course, readily available in local stores.


How about you? What cleaning agent works for you best?


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