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Experience freedom from house cleaning chores; book a one-time or recurring cleaning service now.

At HouseGlitz, we’ll take the cleaning out of your hands so that you can focus on more important things. With a team of experienced house cleaners in Nashville, TN, we will make sure that your house is as pristine as possible so that you get to enjoy life after work at home. With over 40 years of experience in the market, we have made it our business to provide a clean and healthy environment for our clients’ families. We also developed routine house cleaning steps to ensure that all our house cleaners leave no hidden nook and cranny uncleaned.

Keep a Safe and Clean Environment at Home with our Enhanced Disinfection and House Cleaning Services


We understand that a clean environment must be a safe environment, too. That’s why we make sure that our house cleaning service does not just remove the dirt and restore the shiny order in your house. We also make sure that it’s free from microorganisms and pathogens that may put your family’s health in danger.

We have developed a house cleaning and disinfection routine for our house cleaners to ensure that our performance is consistent. Our house cleaners in Nashville, TN, our house cleaners are also screened and trained well to ensure that all our clients get the same service that we have been providing in Nashville, TN, for the past 40 years of being in the business.

All this we do so that you can live more and clean less. We have confidently taken home cleaning from our clients for the past years and let them enjoy life more. Our professional cleaning and residential cleaning services in Nashville, TN, are the most sought-after in the area.

Our Worry-Free Maid Service Package

Eco-friendly Cleaning

We understand the need to free every home from pathogens and provide a cleaning service that our clients could both see and feel–but ours goes more than just cleaning and disinfecting. We want to make sure, too, that we leave as few an eco-impact as possible. Thus, we only use natural house cleaning products that can easily be found in Nashville, TN, that are certified eco-friendly. With our natural house cleaning agents, we make sure that our clients and the very environment they live in are protected and preserved.

Specialty Cleaning

At HouseGlitz, we take extra care of sensitive material our clients have at home. We specialize in cleaning carpets, upholstery, and drapes, among others, with expensive and sensitive materials. Our teams of house cleaning agents are well trained to handle sensitive materials. We can even help preserve it. Just inform us ahead of time to conduct an inspection, and we’ll lay out our plan on how to clean your materials for you. In addition, we also specialize in moving in or out cleaning. If you want to sell a property you formerly own, HouseGlitz could clean it up for you and make it look better so that you can command a better price. Also, if you want to move into a new property, we can help you out with the cleaning and the moving in process.

Detailed Cleaning

HouseGlitz excel in cleaning homes and apartments with very meticulous attention to detail. We have perfected our house cleaning and disinfection routine for the past 40 years that we have been operating. We make sure that every nook and cranny where dirt and pathogens can hide are cleaned, disinfected, and dealt with.

We Provide Cleaning
that You Can See and Feel

Your home is one of the fewest things where you can be who you truly are. It is where you unwind, relax, spend time and bond with your loved ones, and do the things you love doing. At HouseGlitz, we provide cleaning services that go beyond just usual cleaning. We want you to feel refreshed, inspired, energized, and uplifted.
We provide our cleaning services either as a one-time or a recurring event. All you have to do is select recurring cleaning services and schedule what time and day in a week it will happen, and we’ll send a house cleaning agent to your place on the said schedule.

At HouseGlitz, we take pride in the following:

  • More than 40 years of professional experience
  • Bonded and insured licensed professionals
  • Guaranteed clientele satisfaction
  • Free consultation, inspection, and cleaning estimates
  • Time-tested routine cleaning and disinfection techniques
  • Specialized “green” cleaning products
  • Advanced cleaning technology and equipment

House Cleaning Services in Nashville, TN

Detailed House and Apartment Cleaning

You want your house or your apartment cleaned thoroughly? Give us a day for that, and we’ll make sure that your place will get the cleaning it deserves.

Specialty Cleaning

Do you have materials that are expensive and sensitive? We know exactly how to clean and preserve that. Give us a call for an initial assessment and a free estimate.

House Keeping and Maid Services

Want recurring housekeeping or maid services? We can also do that for you. Give us a phone call for free estimates now.

Enhanced Disinfection

We make sure that the cleaning we deliver is something our clients could both see and feel. We use environment-friendly cleaning agents to ensure that we have the least environmental impact possible, but we also use agents that are tough on dirt and pathogens. We like to leave every house we clean free from dirt and disease-causing pathogens.

House Cleaning Services in Nashville, TN


HouseGlitz is the #1 House Cleaning Service Provider in Nashville, TN,
with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Our bonded and insured licensed Nashville House Cleaning agents are trained and experienced in all forms of the house or apartment deep cleaning. We provide free consultation and estimates, and our cleaning services can be availed of one time or on a recurring basis. Our professional house cleaning team is also trained to handle sensitive and expensive materials–rest assure that HouseGlitz will clean your home as thoroughly as needed to give you the look and feel of a well-cleaned house but will be very gentle with your materials, too.

Our Testimony

“Having a very demanding job, I seldom have enough time in a day to clean and maintain my house. This becomes much more troubling during unplanned visits from my family. Most of the time, they’d storm in my untidy house. I found out about HouseGlitz via a web search one day. I immediately tried their recurring service. I wanted my house regularly maintained so that I don’t have to trouble myself with it. Sometimes, when there’s a planned family visit, I also use HouseGlitz house cleaning services. My family and friends were shocked that I can keep a tidy house amidst my schedule.”

– John W.,
Nashville, TN

“I’m a house owner and a business owner. On normal days, I don’t have enough time to fix things at home. On top of that, I’d like to buy things for the home, but they just keep on piling off in the garage as I don’t have the time for them. Things changed when I got the service of HouseGlitz. It’s like I suddenly had an extension of myself. When I come home, the new materials that I purchased are put in place, and they look good. My place is kept clean, as well. I’m happy I found HouseGlitz.”

– Nora R.,
Nashville, Tennesse

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